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Emergency Training Manikins

Yimo Keji | JW1007A Advanced Adult Intubation Simulator
Emergency Training Manikins
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 Product features:

l  Adult male model, including head, neck, chest,realitysize lungs and transparent stomach, clear anatomical position is helpful foroperation.

l  Made in high polymer material, non-pollution, high skinemulation.

l  Supine position, head can hypsokinesis.

l  Can touch carotid arterypulsate.

l  Can do endotracheal intubation through mouth andstomach,configurate Electronic monitoring and voice Reminding as below:

InsertRespiratory tract for are feeding can cause lungs inflated.

Insertesophagus for air feeding can cause stomach inflated.

Laryngoscopepress tooth too much.

l  The transparent stomach is convenient to observe theposition of inserted stomachtube .

l  Pupils: One normal pupil, one mydriasis.