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Nursing Skill Training

Yimo Keji | HJ1021 Transparent Male Catheterization
Nursing Skill Training
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  • Male Urinary catheterization
  • Bladder irrigation

Product Features

  • Adult perineum model, can observe internal anatomy structure throughthe transparent shell, show the relative position between pelvis and bladder,catheterize angle, catheter path and air sac fixation position.
  • Made from high polymer material, non-pollution.
  • Urinary catheterization: Life-size penis, urethra length about18-22cm;own 3 Physiological narrow and 2 curves.
  • Simulative urine will outflow when catheter enter into bladderthrough urethra.
  • Transparent shell with perfect tenacity, hardness is 100kilogramforce/cm 2,30kilogram internal and external force will not causetransformation.
  • Support retention catheterization demonstration and practice.
  • Can do the practice repeatedly.