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Water Samplers

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Water Samplers
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  • Large volume - from 2.2 to 8.2 liters
  • No metal parts to touch your sample
  • Kits include bottle, plastic carry case, 45-B10 messenger & 62-C15 line (100 ft.)
  • Bottles & bottles with cases also available
Larger bottles are good for collecting small plankton. The wide-open mouth collects a true water sample with no contamination from other water levels. Water flow is not restricted during descent - desirable for collecting plankton, floating sediments and for metallic ion avoidance. Your choice of transparent acrylic or more durable opaque PVC.
Designed for trace metal sampling. Also may be used for organic sampling to concentrations of mg/L. When running metal, organic, or any other chemical analyses, it is best to run a blank on the sampler prior to use.

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