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Core Samplers

Wildco | Core Samplers
Core Samplers
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A core, in marine research, is a cylindrical section taken from sediments underlying a water body. Core samplers range from the simple to the complex. The variety of corer types reflect the breadth and variety of marine research. The simplest corers are hand-operated for use in shallow waters to collect sediment cores containing fauna. For biological studies, a core 20-25 cm (8-10”) in length is usually sufficient. The most complex corers are used in oceanographic research. These are generally large and require winches, power sources and other gear.

Wildco® core sampling equipment ranges from light, hand-operated corers used in shallow water to gravity corers relying on weight such as the K-B™ corer. interchangeable parts serve as “building blocks” to construct equipment for your particular project. For example, the heads can attach to more than one type of core tube.
Soft to medium sediment Hard sediments Soft to medium sediments Soft to medium sediments Soft to medium sediments


Core Type Hand Corer Ogeechee™ K-B™ Corer Ballchek™ Flag Sampler
Where used Shallow salt/fresh water (to 15’) or deeper water with hand line. Usually used with handle. Fast sampling with handle For firm or sandy bottoms in salt/fresh, swift waters (to 15’) or deepeer water with cable. Where gravity alone insufficient Best corer as the heaviest. Good for deep lakes (100’+) where bottom interface important. “Medium” can be used in salt water. Shallow or deep ocean water (10’ - 600’) where bottom interface not important. More stable than K-B™ Soft sediments (silt, clay, sand, loamy, woody, decayed matter, peat), shallow water, below groundwater.
Accessories needed Core catcher, liner tube, liner, nose-picce, core sample removal tool, extension handle Nosepiece, liner, core catcher, cable, winch/mount, handle, slide (or drive) hammer Nosepiece, liner, core catchers, cable, messanger, winch/mount, can add fin Core tube, nosepiece, liner tube, core catcher, cable,winch/mount Extension handle. Needs no liners. Cannot be used on line
Comments Maintains core layering. “Quick and dirty”, quantitative. 19-41 lb Use in deep water. Can drive by hand. Can pull in/out with slide hammer. Fast sampling with handle. 28-46 lb Undisturbed samples of bottom interface. Free-drop to 30’. Messenger activated valve. 2 sizes:medium/heavy. 35 lb/56 lb Automatic valve provides good seal. Primarily oceanographie use. 34 lb Cutting edge twists into sediments. Uncompressed, undisturbed, full length samples. Chambered. 21 lb

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