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Digital Display Viscometer NDJ-5S

Specification : Display type : Digital Rotator speed (rpm) : 6/12/30/60 Speed adjustment : Intelligent adjusting Rotator : 1, 2,

Digital Display Viscometer SNB-1

Specification : Display type : Digital Rotator speed (rpm) : 6/12/30/60 Speed adjustment : Stepless speed variation Rotator : 1,

Disintegration Tester LB-2D

Specification : Basket lifting frequency : 30~32times/min Basket lifting amplitude : 55mm±1mm Temperature range : Room temperature~ 45.0℃ Temperature resolution

Drug Dissolution Tester RC-8D

Specification : Speed setting range : 20-200 rpm Temperature range : Ambient to +39.9 Temperature stability : ± 0.3 Speed

Powder Testing BEP2

Solutions for all powder flow and density measurement needs Tapped Density: JVi Series Bulk Density: Scott Volumeter Flowability: BEP2

Semisolids Testing HDT Series

Simple, reproducible semisolid drug release measurement Vertical Diffusion Cell Test System: HDT 1000 Vertical Diffusion Cell Test System: HDT 1

Suppository Testing SDT & VTT

Straightforward suppository testing Suppository Disintegration Testing : SDT 1000 Vaginal Tablet Tester : VT

Table Friability Tester CYJ-300C

Specification : Inner diameter of drum : 286mm ±0.20mm Depth of drum : 39mm ±0,30mm Default rotary speed : 25rpm

Tablet Disintegration Testing DTG Series

Reproducible, standardised and affordable tablet disintegration testing DTGi Series

Tablet Dissolution Testing DIS Series

Expertly engineered systems for everyday tablet dissolution testing. DISi Series

Tablet Friability Testing FRV Series

Advanced friability testers for all tablet types FRVi Series : Uncoated Tablets Friabimat : Coated Tablets

Tablet Hardness Tester YPD-200C

Specification : Measuring range : Hardness 10-200N, maximum diameter of tablets 25mm6/12/30/60 Resolution : 0.01N Precision : ±1.5%±1digit Measurement method :