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1000 Series Syringes

The 1000 series syringes are gas and liquid tight syringe. Available in volumes from 100 mL up to 100 mL

1700 Series Syringes

The 1700 series is the GASTIGHT® version of the 700 series. With volumes from 10 μL up to 500 μL

1800 Series Syringes

The 1800 series syringes are gas and liquid tight and equivalent in design to the 800 series. Volumes from 1

600 Series Syringes

The 600 series syringes are a half stroke version of the original 700 series syringes. Volumes from 0.25 μL up

700 Series Syringe

The 700 series syringe is the original hand-fitted Hamilton syringe. Volumes from 0.5 μL up to 500 μL and the

7000 Series Syringes

The 7000 series syringes are designed on the dead volume free principle of positive dispalcement. Volumes from 0.05 μL up

800 Series Syringes

The 800 series Microliter ™ syringes are a futher development of the 700 series syringes. Volumes from 0.5 μL up

900 Series Syringes

The 900 series syringe is the economical version of the 800 series syringe. This series of syringes is ideal for

Digital Syringes

The Digital Syringes™ combined with 700, 1700 and 7000 series syringes. With LCD resolution ± 0.5% and volume range 0.5

GC Autosample Syringes

The SampleLock syringes allow you to collect, store, transport and analyze liquid without environmental contamination. Available in sizes from 50

GC Septa

The GC Septa are made of preconditioned silicone rubber . The average life up to 100 injections with a 26s

Kel-F Hub (KF) Needles

The KF needles can be used with Luer Tip (LT) and PTFE Luer Lock (TLL) syringes and connectors. Kel-F hub