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Flat Drying Pans SS

160A-059 Flat Drying Pan SS 15″x10-1/4″ 160A-060 Flat Drying Pan SS 16″x11-1/2″ 160A-061 Flat Drying Pan SS 18″x12-1/2″

Gold Pans

110L-009 10″ Gold Pan 110L-002 12″ Gold Pan 110L-004 14″ Gold Pan 110L-001 16″ Gold Pan

Graduated Measures SS

160A – 051 Capacity (1/2-Quart) 500ml / 16ozs 160A – 052 Capacity (1-Quart) 1000ml / 32ozs 160 – A053 Capacity

Marcy Pulp Density Scale

Measures : Weight of Samples in grams or kgs. Specific Gravity of Pulp. Specific Gravity ofLiquids. Specific Gravity of Dry

Moisture Determination

Description: The AMB Series Moisture Balances are rugged, high quality and affordable. With capacities ranging from 50 g to 310

Sepor Wet/Dry Sieve Shaker

The Wet-Dry Sieve Shaker is supplied for the purpose of conducting relatively simple size analysis for materials. The sieve shaker