AquaPen is a lightweight hand-held PAM fluorometer that is very convenient for quick, reliable, and easily repeatable measurements of photosynthetic parameters both in algal and cyanobacterial suspensions. AquaPen-C is equipped with blue and red LED emitters, optically filtered and precisely focused to deliver light intensities of up to 3,000 µmol.m-2.s-1 to measured suspensions. Blue excitation light is intended for chlorophyll excitation, i.e., for measuring chlorophyll fluorescence in algal cultures. Red-orange excitation light is intended for excitation through phycobilins and is suitable for measuring in cyanobacterial cultures. AquaPen-P is equipped with a single blue LED emitter (optionally red or white).

Specification :

  • Optical density at 680 and 720nm
  • FluorPen 1.1 Software : Windows 7 or higher
  • Memory Capacity : Up to 16 Mb
  • Communication for data transfer : USB and Bluetooth
  • Internal Data Logging : Up to 149,000 data points
  • Power Supply : Li-Ion rechargeable battery
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