CCM-300  Chlorophyll Content Meter is designed to measure difficult samples. It can be used on conifers, turf grasses, moss, lichen, immature wheat, immature Arabidosis, stems, and petioles, as well as easier samples, like corn and broadleaf plants.

Specification :

  • Measured Parameters : CFR or Chlorophyll Fluorescence Ratio – fluorescence emission ratio of intensity at 735 nm / 700 nm,
  • Measurement Area : 3 mm diameter circle, external diameter of 4 mm.
  • Resolution : 0.01 or 1 mg/m2.
  • Storage Capacity : 2 Gigabytes of non-volatile flash memory.
  • Sample interface : Fiber-optic probe 4mm in diameter.
  • Power Source : 2 rechargeable AA batteries.
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