Hydrometer, Lactodensimeter, Thermometer

  1. Extraction Tube
    According to Mojonnier with cork stopper
    Wooden Stand
    For 12 extractions tubes according to Mojonnier’s method
  2. Lactodensimeter
    – For milk according to GERBER’s method
    – For milk according to Quevenne
  3. ADPI Solubility Index Tube
    50 ml, graduated from 0 – 20 ml, mark at 50 ml see SuperVario-N
    Special Solubility Index Tube
    For determining the solubility of powdered milk fit in butyrometer tube
  4. Hydrometer
    – Hydrometer for milk, without therm
    – For buttermilk serum according to DIN
    – For condensed milk Reading above
    – For yoghurt and cocoa drinks Reading above
    – For brine / Baumé
  5. Thermometer
    – Dairy thermometer with loop : Special red filling.
    – Dairy thermometer : In plastic case with loop, boil and impact-proof, floatable, special red filling.
    – Dairy thermometer : Special red filling.
    – Universal thermometer : Special red filling.
    – Digital second thermometer 926 : For daily temperature measurements in the food industry.
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