PolyPen-Aqua PA 210 is a portable, handheld and reasonably priced spectrophotometer intended for measuring spectra in suspensions. It can be used favorably in a wide range of applications – biotechnology, limnology, ecology, molecular biology, chemistry, forensic science etc. The device is convenient both for standard laboratory work and for field work, well using its inbuilt GPS unit. The PolyPen-Aqua measures absorbance and transmittance spectra based on a single beam method; detection range is 380 – 790 nm and 640 – 1050 nm. The device is equipped with an internal light source – Xenon incandescent lamp.

Specification :

  • Light Source : Xenon incandescent lamp, spectral range 380 – 790 nm
  • Spectral Staylight : -30dB
  • Spectral Response Half Width : 8 nm
  • Power Supply : Li-ion battery
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