SpectraPen SP 110 is a low-cost, handheld spectrophotometer that is ideal as a general-purpose instrument for research and industrial applications. SpectraPen is especially useful for rapid measurements of solar irradiance and monitoring of spectral light quality. External light source and sample holder enable to use SpectraPen also for measurements of absorption, reflectance, transmittance, emission, color and fluorescence of various samples.

Specification :

  • Spectral range : 340 nm-780 nm
  • Spectral response half width : 9nm
  • Spectral straylight* : -30dB
  • Wavelength Reproducibility : +/-0.5nm
  • Integration time : 5 ms to 10 s
  • Memory Capacity : 16MBit
  • Number of pixels : 256
  • SpectraPen Software: Windows 7 or higher compatible**
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